Seneca Rocks Discovery Center

This Visitor Center sits at the base of Seneca Rocks, one of the most imposing and best-known landmarks in West Virginia. USA highlighted the history of the Rocks and its surroundings at the Discovery Center through many creative and classic techniques including cabinetry, scenic structure, graphics and environmental recreations.


The wilderness exhibit throughout the Seneca Rocks Discovery Center depicts a woodland setting complete with a full size sycamore, a fallen red oak, and a pond. Recreated animal and plant life abound and are accompanied by graphic information that aids in explaining the local ecosystem. An archaeological exhibit, inspired by an ongoing dig in Monongahela, displays a prehistoric Native American campsite and provides information on how paleontologists and archeologists interpret finds. A photo exhibit spans Seneca Rocks for almost a century.

Exhibit Development Team:
Client: U.S. Department of Agriculture
Design: USA & Client
Engineering & Fabrication: USA
General Contractor: USA

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